Viola da Gamba

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Dedicated to the sexiest Renaissance instrument there is! For fans of early music, as well as players of the instrument. Review CDs, buy/sell instruments, form your own viol consort, go crazy. RSS Feed what is XML?

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hi  topic
Wondering?  topic
Electric Gamba!  topic
Telemann and the Gamba.  topic
Antoine Forqueray; After the Angel, here is the...  topic
Viola da Gamba Videos  topic
LOS OTROS  topic
Caix d'Hervelois and the Gamba  topic
Viola da Gamba Resources  topic
Composer of the week! Marin Marais 1656-1728  topic
Memory in question and a question...  topic
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(image posted 05/06)  photo flag
COMPOSER OF THE WEEK! Whilliam Lawes 1602-1645  topic
Hope you all don't mind.  topic
The month of May in the North Bay...  topic
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Cheers!  photo flag
Frets  photo flag
Dolmetsch Family  photo flag
Marin Marais  photo flag
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